Tuesday, December 8, 2009

LOLKomodo Dragonz Take Your Mom's Inbox By STORM!

Thanks to the great response by, well...by absolutely no one to the original LOLKomodo Dragonz, in an effort to keep the momentum building, here is yet another hilarious (and by 'hilarious', I mean grossly photoshopped in a matter of five minutes) LOLKomodo Dragonz making its appearance on the Frog Blog. Just as in the case with the first, this is 100% guaranteed to please every old lady who edits a church bulletin in the U.S. of A., regardless of race, creed, hair color, odor, religious bulletin affiliation, or sexual orientation.
It will literally be only a matter of seconds (possibly nanoseconds) before the publishers swamp this blog with book offers and big checks like they give away at the telethons trying to secure the rights to "LOLKomodo Dragonz- The Bookz", flooding this blog with a deluge of such force and power that the entirety of the Internets may collapse into a black hole of stupid YouTube comments and naked pictures of Tiger Wood's special friends. Enjoy this photo, mouth-breathing web nerds, and prepare to cry when you see me and my Komodo Dragon on the arm of the beautiful and classy Jennifer Connelly at next year's A-komodo-y Awards ceremony.

As the great Winston Churchill once said, "I'll be rich, I tells ya! Rich!"

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