Monday, December 7, 2009

The Newest Rage: LOLKomodoDragonz!

In a desperate attempt to drive blog traffic to this forsaken and desolate corner of the Internets without actually adding thoughtful and carefully constructed content, I would like to introduce our newest and most original T-shirt friendly source of mirth and hilarity, the LOLKomodoDragonz! Read 'em and laugh, surfing fools:

Great for elementary school classrooms, dorm rooms, and dentist offices, as well as any place else people enjoy laughing at others that can't spell and/or possibly have a learning disability! Publishers, manufacturers of fine gifts, and various media outlets, please leave your contact information and the number that you are willing to pay for the rights to this quality humor, complete with as many zeros as necessary, in the always insightful blog "Comments" section. Nigerian princes and Viagra salesmen need not apply.

If Jennifer Connelly reads this, please laugh and find me funny. Please.

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