Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Nothing To See Here. Please Move Along.


For the following 24 hours, this blog will be monitored for appropriate content by the PBS (Penguin Broadcasting System) due to unfortunate recent postings. Remember, appropriate content is defined as "encouraging respect and tolerance to all living creatures, but especially penguins". Inappropriate content is defined as encountered. We apologize for any inconvenience to all but the author as this blog completes its penguin monitoring requirements and author repositioning and attitude adjustment.

In the meantime, please note that the rest of the penguin-controlled Internet is open and operating normally. Kindly move along by clicking the "Next Blog" button above, or, perhaps, enter "Paris Hilton" in your browser's search bar, and you will be returned to your penguin-approved web content. Remember- it is the firm belief of penguins that free-speech is an inherent right, as long as the speech is correct.

Again, nothing to see here. Please move along. We will return you to the regularly scheduled blog content as soon as the monitoring and author questioning period is completed. Nothing to see here, but Lohan is naked a few pages over. Please move along. Please disperse.

Thank you for remaining compliant and docile-

Daemon Mailer
Lord High Penguin &
Vice-President of Appropriate Internet Content
P.S. Jennifer Connelly ROCKS!


Anonymous said...

This blog is terrible! I feel sick! I don't even understand this stupid thing, and I am high on drugs. I can't even hardly type! There is something wrong with me! What was I saying?

Horace Horsecollar said...

I agree with the above posting. Why is my life so full of despair that I must sit and read crappy blogs like this? Every day I hope to gain enough energy to kill myself successfully rather than look at one more horribly written, overly long nightmare of a blog.

Paddy O'Furniture said...

I, too, sit here and pray for death. I have torn my fingernails out by scratching the walls. Let me free of this blog! Hand of God- show me mercy and rocket from the sky only to squash me like a worthless bug and end the foul stain reading this filth has left on my watering eyes!